Social Responsibility Activities

Why is SUNTAT committed to sustainability and social responsibility?
SUNTAT Group Companies and the principles of sustainability/social commitment are intertwined and interconnected. In the name of social responsibility and consciousness, SUNTAT has reflected the principle of careful use of people, nature, environment and resources in many product, development and operation decisions.

Since 2009, SUNTAT has been producing and successfully selling a considerable amount of organic products. Because only pesticide-free raw materials are used and processed under appropriate conditions. These products are manufactured under the control of the BIO Certification Body “ECOCERT”. At the same time, all production centers in Turkey are audited by independent institutions such as IFS-Food, TÜV Nord or “BRC Certification Body”.

The wastewater treatment plants at the production centers in Turkey, the afforestation of Sungurlu and the photovaltaic systems installed on the roofs of the headquarters in Mannheim and Turgutlu/Izmir EGETAD building are examples of our entrepreneurial sustainable actions. SUNTAT was awarded the “Green Logistics” certificate in 2012. With the production and operational improvements it has continued to realize since then, the new headquarters in Mannheim became more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient in 2015.

SUNTAT has placed great emphasis on social engagement for many years. All initiatives in this regard are long term in order to be more sustainable for everyone involved.

This is especially true for education. These activities are carried out by the non-profit organization SUNTAT Bildungsbrücke e. is carried out under its roof. Above all, the creation of equal opportunities for children and adolescents with and without a migration background to be active in culture and sports and to participate in education is supported. In this context, numerous projects, scholarships, grants, donations and intercultural respect/tolerance are promoted both in Mannheim and in Turkey. All this is done with a holistic approach.

For example, at the Astrid Lindgren Elementary School in Mannheim-Hochstätt, we realized a project for both parents and children through the Bildungsbrücke. 75 percent of primary school students come from migrant backgrounds. Our weekly “ALiS parent meeting” aims to strengthen parents’ parenting skills, inform them and at the same time further integrate them into the social fabric of the school. The project consists of many individual components directly targeting children. For example, German and mathematics lessons, sports activities, trips to the movies, singing together, reading days and a healthy breakfast once a week are among the opportunities offered to the students.

A model developed by SUNTAT Bildungsbrücke together with Wirtschaftsjunioren Mannheim / Ludwigshafen for the intercultural Waldorf School Mannheim-Herzogenried has been adapted for working life. Starting from the eighth grade, students will be coached to gain insights into various job profiles and for successful implementation. In addition, the SUNTAT company donates 100 kilograms of food to the school every month. You can find more examples like these and more details on the homepage at

In early 1995, Mustafa Baklan, together with fellow entrepreneurs, founded the Turkish Entrepreneurs Association Rhein-Neckar e. V. (TID). Based in Mannheim, Mr. Baklan is addressing his offer to Turkish entrepreneurs and all entrepreneurs in the Rhine-Neckar region. The Association offers comprehensive technical support to small and medium-sized enterprises for competent corporate governance and sustainable economic success. TID is also among those supporting the project’s networking work. With the motto that entrepreneurs should connect and exchange experiences and knowledge, the project believes that in this way, the idea of rigid competition can be replaced by coexistence and healthy competition. It gives newcomers in particular a chance to give the company a good start. For more information visit

In 2011, together with people of German and Turkish origin and with the support of the University of Business Economics (HdWM), the company chairman founded the German-Turkish Business and Training Institute (DTI), an association that promotes higher education. One of the DTI’s focal points is the establishment of international exchange programs in education and higher education, including the possibility to gain multiple qualifications and do internships. It also promotes synthesis and understanding between Germans and Turks living in Germany. It provides young people with the opportunity to exchange ideas both cross-culturally and scientifically in order to attract talented young professionals from both countries and to open the German education market for students, youth and young adults from Turkey. For more information visit

Beyond these broad social, educational, economic and ecological commitments, SUNTAT equally supports sporting and cultural activities. Many sports clubs such as SV Waldhof Mannheim, Türkspor Mannheim, Türkspor Hochstätt and Corumspor in Frankfurt can count on SUNTAT as their sponsor. In addition, the Dawn Marathon in Mannheim, various charity football matches and events in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area are supported by Turkish cultural associations and Islamic communities.